Fund Analyst Nerb Praises

Since 2005 all promise of return exceeded; Highlighted efficiency of management in the factoring business since 2005 the Debi select group offers all the funds in a niche market. It is factoring life insurance and value paper credits. To this end, Debi select participates in companies that are active in these areas of business. The funds are innovative. Debi select is the only provider of such closed fund concept in Germany”, describes the recognized Fund analyst Philip Nerb, highlighting this obviously very good access to the market and the growing network of management.

For his analysis of the balance, Nabi has let submit the audited figures of the Fund. He concludes: the numbers are impressive. Until end of 2007 the Fund yield requirements exceeded always.” In a short term planned update Nabi is assess also the audited figures up to December 31, 2008 with equally good results as in the previous year. The well-known analyst, the funds from the customer perspective assessed, the Debi select describes the investment fields as very low risk”, and emphasizes the predictability of returns. The gist of the balance is that the initiator is established and very experienced, because he could make substantial investments with an excellent plan realization within a short time in a difficult market environment”, Nerb summarizes. The planned target return of eight per cent per annum was exceeded in from the outset.

Nifty amount of business taxes Debi select may increase beyond the return while almost one percent. Debi select won some 3,700 holdings with an investment volume of EUR 57.6 million up to December 31, 2007 for himself. The risk-return potential classifies Nabi as very good. It is particularly interesting that for investors with a stake in the Debi select Fund, the closed-end funds to a predictable investment is good, which nevertheless allows a relatively short-term access to the investment capital”. The Debi select group audited a exceptionally high level of transparency and the Fund classifies as interesting basic investment summary.

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