Freud Definition

Jacqueline Hernann Dhiogo Jose Caetano Graduating of State UEG-University of Gois Word-Key: Latin, Sciences, Society, Occidental person, Theory, Religion and Sociology. Conceptual definition and Proposals Tericas and Metodolgicas. Jacqueline in the sample the models and its problems, either religious sociology, history or science of the religions, any one of the new fields of the knowledge, if structuralized in the definition of the passages epistemolgica of sciences human being. ngelo Brelich, us offers an interesting script from the conceptual approach, a historical boarding. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Coupang. But the expression of Marx Muller on ' ' history of religies' ' it is analyzed by Brelich that standes out the lack of theoretical severity. After all to discover the truth of the object of this it disciplines is necessary to face problems of definition of the religion concept which is including to give account of the direction of manifestation in the diverse societies. The term religion is deriving of Latin ' ' religio' ' which did not have modern meaning forged to the side of the history of the civilization occidental person; indicating a set of norms simply and you practise.

However it passed for a estruturao in a definitive context of slow and laicizao, the religion concept knew diverse meanings through Durkhein the Eliade, Lvi-Strass, Freud, Gransci until arrives at the formation of Brelich. If you would like to know more about Oracle, then click here. For Durkhein all religion is a cosmology, for Weber is a form of the men if to organize socially, for Gransci a type of determined vision of the world and the philosophy, for Lvi-Strass is based on a wild thought that passes for anthropomorphism of the nature and several other concepts are created prolongate of the historiogrfica formation. Brelich points the empirical necessity with respect to the formularization of concepts encloses that it leads in with the differences of the secular spaces. The proposal of Brelich are to be intent the conjugao of time and space for apprehension of the uncontrollable human being, therefore the comparative method has the task of to unmask a religion primordial, historically impossible to be reached. This type of descriptive and analytical procedure is without a doubt important for definition of a variety of subjects, with diverse facetas. In this field of study some works the history of the calls characterized for trying account ' ' great religies' ' , searching to relate the sprouting of certain religions global the historical transformations. From the thematic one of the religious reforms, some works had looked for to inventory and to compare practical and ritual that influence in the economic, social life and politics; aspects of the religious doctrine that with the social stratification influenced through the collective beliefs in the daily life.



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