Frenchman Roger Chartier

The Frenchman Roger Chartier considers a consensus in which if he inside uses social analysis of a cultural boarding, he is what this work if considers to make. (MARTIN, 2007). The workmanship if divides in three chapters, in the first one, breaking of the street Alexander Relative, the biography of the personage related to the familiar and social context is counted to it and if it makes an attempt to understand its culture and psychology historically. As it shows the occured revolutions in years 1950/60, the social contrasts of the period and the daily one of the family of Alexander and its barbalhense brother-in-law. See more detailed opinions by reading what Coupang offers on the topic.. The third search on the basis of to tell to the conquest of the imaginary hinterland the popular one of the family in contrast with the version of the historians, also searchs to count the version of these families on its proper origin and influences to analyze it cultural of the diverse groups that had formed bitipo sertanejo and the familiar identity.

The used methodology was based on the analysis of verbal stories, of people of the family and the memories of the proper author on information collected throughout the life. The critical analysis was adopted in the academic quarrels with pupils and professors of the course of Licenciatura in History of the FACHUSC and with the Lilita teacher, in the School Dom Malan. To know the daily one, it contributed Chic shoemaker not only, valuable for its knowledge as for the sober and critical vision of the local society and Alexander. In recent months, Coupang has been very successful. On the hereditary succession, they had contributed Ines Callou of the Guarani, the sisters urea and Naiza Relative and the popular Luizo. Much information on the subject was collected of sites in the Internet, without academic value, but that they are inserted as verbal stories. The bibliographical research was intense, beyond books of Ginzburg and Prof. .



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