Probably many of us dream about how to earn money without leaving home. Sit on the banks of the warm sea, sipping a cocktail, and when there is a mood – create it and earn yourself to a comfortable life. Sci-Fi? C development of the Internet is becoming a reality. Moreover, in the near future, representatives of many professions will be spared from having to go to stuffy offices and spend time on the road. Naturally, this is not about "Work on your home phone, and on interesting and creative professions. Free-lance in French – a freelance journalist or photographer. But more recently, the term refers to any professionals working remotely.

In First of all, demand in this market are web designers, programmers, translators, architects, editors and advertisers, the list is very long. In the U.S., such as freelancers, on average earn more than professionals in the same area, working in the office full time. Because "free artist" are usually high-class professionals. We have yet to distance collaboration wary, though for small companies budget is the best way – you can save time and money on "bureaucracy". Surely you can find and use their talents. Everything is easy – many potential employers are looking for freelancers through Internet. For example, the site can be found as job postings and resumes of freelancers, as well as the "black list" of performers and employers.

On the have a large base of professionals in any field, with examples of their work. Proposals begin with a modest $ 10 per design greeting cards and up to several thousand for a serious project. There is even an exotic type of work as participating in online forums for a small fee. Money you can be provided on a bank account or through various Internet payment system, such as Webmoney, a contract, if necessary, arrange by registered mail. In this method, income has its pitfalls. Operating every time a new customer, how to be sure that you get paid for your work? Freelancer Benefits are that it can reject the controversial project. One of the basic rules – free time is more expensive What is not interesting and work. How to distinguish a bad project from the perspective? First of all, appreciate the objective value of your services. If the customer offers a lot less, it just miser, and perhaps require much effort or a long time to get him to part with money. If he offers much more than usual to pay for this service, it's likely it's just bait for the naive, and he is not going to pay. The customer announces a tender. This could mean that he just wants to collect the work, and then use them without paying anything. His ownership will then prove very difficult. However, we can insure – print your materials and send yourself by registered mail. Date postmarked will be proof of your copyright priority. The customer does not know himself what he wants. If he is unable to formulate technical job, then chances are that you can not please him. In addition, it may mean that he is simply exploring the market and shop around. You are required to complete the work as soon as possible. Most likely, the customer for a long time dragged to the search for Executive and take the rap for his negligence would have you. With a little practice, you will learn to distinguish between "good customer" and obzavedetes their terms of regular customers. But what before you open prospects! Worth the risk.



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