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“Area? The first aid Pocket Guide “helps with tips and tricks an experienced practitioner with legal warning in the competition law and intellectual property law lawyers Pasel Reiff Seifried, Frankfurt am Main, have released a free guide to the subject of cease and desist letters:”warning off? The first aid Pocket Guide “to help the Dunned down. It is written by an experienced practitioners in intellectual property law and contains tips and tricks for dealing with cease and desist letters in competition law and intellectual property law. “Area? The first aid Pocket Guide “answer the questions important to the receiver of a cease and desist letter: How do I respond best? Must I provide the pre-defined cease and desist? What happens if I change the Declaration or not do? I have to pay the costs and if so to what extent? What is the risk of repetition, what is the first danger of ascent of? How much detail do I give information? How do I legally unfair warnings? What happens if a violation against the cease and desist? Can I go over to the attack? The eBook is about warnings in the competition law, trademark law, trademark law, domain law, design law, patent law and copyright. The latest case law is taken into account. “Area? The first aid Pocket Guide “contains lots of practical tips and tricks on 25 pages in simple and understandable language, to minimize costs and risks after receiving a cease and desist letter.

As an attachment, the eBook contains a pattern of a punitive cease and desist. Each of the standard clauses will be explained in detail in your meaning.

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