Frame Houses Questions

Not so long ago, most people refer to this technology, construction of houses is cool enough, if not negative. The reason for this is our ingrained belief that the house should be a fortress. In literally and figuratively. The latter argument makes no sense – we all want to feel cozy and comfortable, but the first part of this phrase with each passing year, especially lately, losing its relevance. C Children in our head pawned the idea that the walls of homes must be made of stone (brick, concrete, etc., etc.), which in turn will provide the reliability of the assembly. Logical. However, it is necessary to calculate all the necessary materials for of the house and its corresponding base, then we will have to sit in a chair and a cold drink some water (well, unless some water) to put himself in a sense of the amount which will be released in our estimates. And, I want to noted, these are only the materials, without work.

Accordingly, each question about what to do next? Dive into history. No one will argue with the fact that Western man rather pragmatic. In Canada, middle of last century, there was a surge in demand for construction of houses. Unlimited forest resources prompted engineers to the idea of using them as a framework for future homes. Undoubted advantage in this case is the low cost of construction, high speed construction of buildings, and will certainly create a huge number of jobs, coupled with economic development throughout the country. For several years, this technology construction of houses has been widely recognized at home and allowed to provide housing needs for residents of Canada. Applied to our situation, it is worth noting that the climatic conditions of Russia and Canada practically identical, which allows easily to implement frame construction in our region without changing its basic principles. Also be aware that in our time a huge number of new materials and technologies to simplify many aspects of construction and improve the performance of the finished home.

All of us want our next house looked nice and to our joy at the market there are a lot of ready of houses. However, the question arises of how to combine the finished project if it incorporated the use of stone and heavy slabs and frame construction In fact, no problem. Educated architect, working coupled with the "normal" builders, quite calmly may revise the draft to get the desired result. Also, you can not forget about the interior design of our house. Thinking over all the details at the initial stage will us to avoid unnecessary costs in the construction process and the final stage. Naturally, this problem is an architect, but forget about it not worth it. It is better to provide everything in advance. After spending some time in the beginning, we save his strength, nerves, and finance later. A huge plus is the technology of 3D visualization, which allows us to see our whole house alive. Every corner of your home is presented to you as if you looks at your Photo Album. You can see looks like your living room or bedroom at night, when lit fireplace, or a day in the rays of bright sun. Good day to you, beautiful design and comfortable home.



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