Folgemilh Mixture

As breast milk, they contain carbohydrate – lactose, which, being a natural prebiotic, helps digestion, a healthy gut microflora. Blends provide a child with all necessary nutrients, vitamins, minerals and trace elements in the optimal amount for the harmonious growth and development. In contrast, "Humala a" mixture "Humala 1 + 'contains starch, making it well saturates the child and reduces the risk of regurgitation, so it can be recommended for children with a tendency to vomiting and poor weight gain, as well as nourishing food at night or before a long walk. "Follow" mix designed for children aged 4-6 months and take into account the increased needs of the child at this age, protein and some minerals. Therefore, they contain higher amounts of protein, based casein which is combined with the serum proteins (80:20).

As part of the fat component of milk fat predominates. Carbohydrate content (and therefore energy content) and some minerals higher than in the "initial" mixture. By "followed by" mixtures include, for example, a mixture of "Humala 2" (Germany). Included in the mix, prebiotics support the growth of healthy galaktooligosaharidy intestinal flora (selective stimulate the growth and metabolic activity of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli in the intestines), create an unfavorable environment for the growth of pathogenic bacteria) contribute to the prevention of constipation (intestinal contents soften, improve motility), improves absorption of minerals (iron, calcium, magnesium). This group may include a mixture recommended for babies from 10 months. and older.

These include a mixture of "Humala 3", which contains in its structure galaktooligosaharidy, as well as starch and rice flour, which promotes the formation of more dense bunch of food and prolongs the stay of food in the stomach, allowing food to recommend it as a "night formula ". The varieties of the following applies to infant formula milk diet with fruit and cereal – a mixture of "Humala Folgemilh 3 Apple" and "Humala Folgemilh three banana." This is a balanced dairy next mixture with the addition of fruits and cereals for children from 10 months to 3 years. Adding to these finely ground apple or banana gives mixtures of sweet taste, optional product enriching vitamins, minerals and micronutrients. And the introduction of cereals in their mixtures gives a nice thickness and fullness in the mixture apple pectin, banana fiber and prebiotic-galaktooligosaharidy support the growth of normal intestinal flora, enhance immunity, digestion, the formation of a soft stool, which is especially important during the introduction of complementary foods All modern infant formulas contain the required set vitamins and minerals in accordance with the physiological needs of children, and further enriched with the amino acid taurine, essential for the adequate formation of the brain and vision. Necessary remember that the yogurt does not apply to an adapted milk mixtures, and this is a very useful product you can begin to apply only 8 months. Thus, the effectiveness of artificial feeding of the child depends largely on the correct choice of the mixture. In appointing the latter should not only consider the child's age, but the features of its development. Frequent changes of mixtures is highly undesirable for the baby. You should also remember that none of even the most Modern synthetic mixture can not be a complete substitute for breast milk.

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