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Then he began to receive orders are rare, but because he and his staff were not particularly qualified – costs, marriage and conversion were tremendous. Then, again, like mushrooms began to grow their own produce in the region – prices were falling, began to dump, as rent, salaries and other ops! Where to go? Need to eat – became a "sell ruble 80 kopecks." Orders are delayed, the farther away the more, built a pyramid, overlapping long hanging with new orders. In general, the hooked "on the financial needle, scored loans. As a sad result for the year of more than one million of debt, the courts have gone, and so on. Ownership was a sole proprietorship, providing for the responsibility of personal property, had to sell the apartment. That is so sad history. Why am I telling all this? The benefits of Internet business! Because, launched an internet businessman, so did not really get into, usually risking nothing at all! So, in order: 1) Virtually no need starter capital. Of course, when money is available is excellent, and the presence of basic knowledge – will give a great start, and forcing the event, but you can get by without it.

2) The market is not local, but global. Being bare-ass – you already have possibilities of transnational corporations, the Internet has no boundaries! 3) Fixed costs are close to zero. To start earning online, no need to rent office for rent, hire 50 people to have inventory, even taxes can not pay (I hope I will not plant for the last argument in jail -) if you are just starting a business on the Internet a little thing like nobody has yet noticed and his hands are not nastuchit). Over time, all this can get hold of, if need and necessity. 4) Next to no partners or investors who want to steer in another direction. You are the captain himself, and truly master yourself and your business. 5) Flexibility of marketing. Even if we choose a bad niche – this is the case corrected.

By the way, about the niche as well have always respected me, Sergei Zhukovsky. 6) Endless possibilities of cooperation. You can always find partners throughout the world with which we can find common ground. 7) Plus so that we can continue ad infinitum, is not above a little, the rest still talk! I hope that my image was quite clear and bright, well for those who have no ideas about your own business invite discussion.

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