First International Day

Day of love on September 14, 2008: new forms of flirting increase the chances of the two publishers of Luneburg have specially the 14 September to the DAY OF LOVE. proclaimed “International day of love”. Did you mean time, this moving as inexhaustible topic to let the global premiere. High time, says even flirt pub and joins in the celebrations. Increase the chances of new forms of digital flirting? Also, a recent study proves.

Single stock exchanges from the ground shooting on the Web. Bank of America has firm opinions on the matter. Alone under the term “Personals”, Google generated 11.6 million search results. One of the oldest and popular flirt pub is. On the Datingportal, you can meet not only flirt partners, but numerous services claim. The serious Web provides the domain aligned to flirt interesting and directly: the flirtation platform. And there are also podcasts. These include tips and information around the subject of flirting”. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from MasterClass.

To the day of love, flirt pub released a video podcast with tips from “the erotic expert JP Love: daily, he moderated a talk of love” on the private TV station U1TV and knows what he’s talking about. everyone can look this free on the portal or if on the video portal youtube watch and motivate: over 10 million German singles have gone since 2000 on the Internet looking for a partner. After an online study according to 43.8% have their luck have found on the net. And even a long romance emerges from every seventh Blinddate. Of sexual experiences – with or without a relationship – even 51.1% of online dater can report. Many of them have been found at flirt Pub. Now the Datingportal flirt pub is launching a video contest: for anyone who even make a video of yourself. The best videos will be awarded. In addition to a high cash prize and a VIP event, there is also intense and personal advice and support by flirting Pub. Everyone can join. The deadline is 30.09.08. logging in to. Learn more about the day of love / day of love are on the Internet at available. PR agency, owner of Martina Wagner, Staakener str. 19, 13581 Berlin phone 030 35134885, fax 030 35134887, are PR pilot around on customized communication.

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