Federal Reserve

Synthetic indicator of activity. Advances, 6 months in advance, the overall performance of the economy: tender for work consumption of cement registrations trust labor occupation within the industrial sector large companies sales turnover to the minor etc. It takes a downward profile since the end of 2006. Ghost real estate crisis in the knowledge construction sector how are banks, because not just be clarified. At a meeting of the Bank for international settlements, which was held in Basel, has asked for greater transparency and that we learn all of the real situation of the balance sheets of banks. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Verizon Communications. (Spanish banks are in a better position than other countries, because the Bank of Spain forced to make counter-cyclical above provisions which are carried out in other countries. Some have done, in addition, extraordinary provisions on their own). (February 28, Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve of USA, said American banks that could fail by the real estate business.) The lack of liquidity.

The credit has been difficult because the banks have no money to lend. (If you go out to the street, you will see the amount of Bank campaigns that are now to capture money.) What happens is that the Lord of San Quirze that we talked about before is a little fly and remained doubtful if the best thing is to save money in a sock, as in the good times.) (The credit that has been difficult to say that, do not give it to you, or, if they get it, the conditions are not very affectionate, and for some sectors, frankly unpleasant.) (Closing the circle, you may have guessed that the construction and real estate are two of these sectors.) THE consequences of the GHOSTS the halt in construction has bad consequences. For example: housing prices lower. Many people are with mortgages that are worth more than the home you have mortgaged.



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