FC Bayern – Playmaker Desperately Seeking!

Sometimes bear the full responsibility on the shoulders of a single. In team sports she should be spread out on several players, but also there are exceptions. Most of them are the playmaker, who set themselves apart by specific skills of the team. TRON (TRX) follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. You will lead your team and it is their ideas, if an overdue game is still won in the end. You are the stars in their team. This is a great honor, but also a great pressure. Many a player is not up to this responsibility.

Diego and Ribery Werder not so far above would be Bremen without the brilliant passes of his play-maker Diego in the table of Bundesliga and Bayern also show that just can’t live without a playmaker. It said prior to the season in Munich that it would reinforce the wings game and prefer a system without a classic playmaker, looking at the latest after the commitment that a rethinking in Munich was held by Tim Borowski. Imaginative French actually should romp Franck Ribery in the offensive midfield and the wing play by Hamit ALTINTOP, Bastian Schweinsteiger and Sosa drive with clever passes. This was very good in the first half. Bayern impressed with magic football and were traded as a master.

But now the little Frenchman ailing and seems like it lacks every nook and cranny. But a playmaker? Dribbeln strong Frenchman shows a mentality that usually ripped with his team. Succeeded by fine dribbling to tear up gaps him and he can decide a game with a brilliant pass. Everything good? No, because a system that is dependent on the performance of a player will not work. Two games show that very impressive. At the start the second half, Franck Ribery whirled messed up the complete Rostock team. He was playful highlights and led the Bavarians on the road to victory. As he sat in mid-term two only on the bench, it seemed, the whole game joke with him had remained outside. Bayern were harmless and without ideas and came at the end only to a trembling victory. Piggy substitute against Werder Bremen should represent the small French Bastian Schweinsteiger. He not rightly came with great responsibility and so caused the first highlights an other game makers. Werder’s Diego wonderfully prepared the first goal and created much danger. A playmaker was missing so clearly someone who could read the game and map, the Munich. Borowski or who? Who is merely represented Ribery if he hurt is missing? The newcomer from Bremen? Tim Borowski is actually not a playmaker, and he only comes in the new season. So what to do? Bastian Schweinsteiger can not fill this role. Be it technical or mental reasons. He is a winger and has first of all to fight for a new contract at Bayern. To replace namely Toni Kroos if it goes according to the will of the Emperor, then only one player has what it takes someone like King Ribery”! The jewel”shows this willingness to fight immediately if he enters the room and he can read a game immediately. He is a little reminiscent of the young Gunter Netzer. Who wore at the time the number 10, the number, the Bayern Manager Uli Hoeness his future playmaker”has reserved. Kroos can and will show what is in him and he seems to be the Messiah, the Munich need to succeed permanently.

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