Family Code

217 of the Tax Code, which states that the individual income derived as a set of property passed by inheritance, shall be exempt from taxation, namely "income in cash and in kind, received from individuals in order of succession." This rule is the only exception is a tax on personal income subject to remuneration to be paid to heirs (successors) of authors of scientific, literary, artistic, as well as discoveries, inventions and industrial designs. A somewhat different situation exists with respect to tax property transferred to individuals as a donation. In connection with the cancellation of January 1, 2006 Law N 2020-1 taxation of property donated and will be governed by Chapter 23 of the Tax Code. Article 217 of the Tax Code, supplemented by paragraph 18.1, in accordance with which are not taxable income in cash and in kind received by individuals as a donation. However, you have to pay income tax on natural persons under contracts of gift of immovable property vehicles, stocks, shares, units for all individuals, except for family members and close relatives are exempt from the tax legislation of the tax. In this case, tax laws uses the rules of family law. From the standpoint of legal technique used legislator blanket rule, but it revealed a list of relatives. Thus, among the family members and close relatives of legislators took the persons who in accordance with the Family Code are not. It's spouse, parents and children, including adoptive parents and adopted children, grandparents and grandchildren, full and half (with common father or mother) and siblings.

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