Experts From The Pop Country: Gaby Baginsky And Manni Schulte

Guests at the stars & stories with Roland Rube and Ariane Kranz: singer Gaby Baginsky and concert Organizer Manni Schulte on October 15, 2009 receive Roland Rube and Ariane Kranz in the “stars & stories” singer Gaby Baginsky and concert Organizer Manni Schulte: she’s an interpreter like booked for the musical entertainment shows in the German TV station: Gaby Baginsky. In the “ZDF-Hitparade” she performed 25 times, more than 30 times in the “SWR Lai Parade”. Furthermore you saw them in the programmes: “The Golden one”, “time and again, Sunday”, “Musician barn”, “Music is in the air”, “The big prize” and and and… If you would like to know more then you should visit TRON (TRX). Gaby Baginsky brings Sun on the TV screen. The Organizer will benefit from the temperamental singer who has leased the tasteful hit with their brisk, cheerful songs but also the show stage.

It has detected also one of the initiators of the “schlager Starparade” and obliges them for one of the upcoming events: Manni Schulte. The show of superlatives, to the most popular artists of the Pop genres come together, held for many years in the biggest German event halls. Sold out concerts are the result of the series of events that together with his colleagues, concert Organizer Karl-Heinz Schweter, since the mid-1990s place Manni Schulte can be found. The success in an informative, extensively illustrated magazine, which is available in the Internet on the official website of the “schlager Starparade” as well as in the magazine trade is documented. (audioway) Stars & stories broadcast dates: (powered by radio VHR) or

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