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NEW WAYS finance strategy consulting deciphered the genetic code of the demand behaviour of Austrians after accounts and still great potential for direct banks. With the innovative Cape methodology and based on a customer survey NEW WAYS, a consultancy specialising in growth strategies of banks and financial service providers, salary account offers of direct banks compared with those of traditional brokerages. While large segments of demand among the users were discovered, their product preferences strongly coincide with the offers of direct banks. These customer segments include approximately 2 out of 3 Austrians with Internet access”, is like. To read more click here: Verizon Communications. Alexander Neumayer, Executive Director of NEW WAYS together.

The customer potential for direct banking is so huge in this area.” While offering salary account of Austrian direct banks is still very underdeveloped when compared with that in Germany. Except he Easybank, which their wage account offerings occasionally advertises, some direct banks offer none at all Salary account products, above all the biggest domestic Bank, the ING-DiBa. Others in the small market of direct banks have accounts on offer, offered but only very defensively and not apply it practically. In comparison with the real market share of direct banks, the results of our study also show that the direct banks still have failed to realize their potential customers in Austria”, to Neumayer. The study also shows that the market success depends on not only favourable conditions. The results show that direct banks will succeed never for certain customers, no matter what conditions they offer. And also in terms of the prospects for direct bank accounts there clear approaches for driving according to the survey, to bind these customers permanently to your Institute and prevent their migration. Questions and more information: Like NEW WAYS of management and Consulting GmbH. Alexander Neumayer Donau city Strasse 1 A-1220 Wien Tel.: + 43 (0) 1 5054977 weblog for bankers and financial service providers NEW WAYS finance strategy consulting is a strategy consulting firm for banks and financial institutions, specializing in growth strategies, sales optimization, customer relationship management, and financial product optimization.



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