Executive Coaching

Individualized consideration relies on providing for a climate of support, devoting part of the energies to listen carefully (active listening) to the individual needs of their pupils. You can delegate responsibilities, as a method to help them achieve their personal challenges. Thus, special attention is paid to the needs of the people individually and group, to develop and grow according to their needs. Another important aspect to highlight in terms of competencies and behaviour of the Coach in the Coaching process, as metacompetencia (competition which covers and requires other skills), is that of I bbodies the type of Coaching and model you are using to achieve the changes and learning of their pupils, will need another group of competencies, behaviours and different techniques. Consequently, for Executive Coaching, the tutor or Coach needs to have practical training of techniques of communication, development of capabilities (essay, practice and) Feedback), conflict management, techniques of negotiation, handle the Coaching of team or group, capacity for self-regulation of the emotions, competition to challenge and confront beliefs, patterns of behaviors that limit the development and learning of pupils, ability to analyze and effectively develop interpersonal relationships. Business Coaching, Coach requires the following competencies and behaviors to achieve: organizational restructuring, establishing a culture of Coaching, strategic planning, assessment of performance management, development of initiatives of change, establishment of approaches to deal with resistance to change, identification of key issues in the Organization, improving the climate of work and the morale of the Group and work with individuals in transition. In this order of ideas, Cook (2001) summarizes that a Coach cash helps to develop the skills of their Coachee, helps diagnose performance problems and behavior, to correct the unsatisfactory or unacceptable performance encourages productive labour relations, provides opportunity to publicize the appreciation, stimulates behavior of self-coaching and improves performance and attitude. Similarly proposes that an effective Coach is one who is capable of being in the process of Coaching: positive as its role the goals of productivity, enthusiast because you infuse energy positive in every encounter, comprehensive insofar as it serves as guide for guide anticipating the needs and avoiding problems is present, reliable, direct and goal-oriented. .



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