Executive Coaching

Thanks to the intervention of coaching executive, is demonstrating more and more that it is very difficult that a rigid, vertical and segmented management leads to the beneficial results that all company or company looks for. The dynamic concepts and of management have changed, is included/understood now that if a company wants to obtain a sustainable growth, he is much more effective to work in the development of the abilities and aptitudes that are required for an optimal performance. No longer one treats then, to mark to a strict line between the failure and the success, but to stimulate one dedicated to proactive management of development of the capacity and the human talent. In this sense, it is possible to be said that coaching executive arrived to take care of which until a time ago was not had in consideration, but that now has become an essential factor for the success of the companies: ” mood empresarial” , something that can well be considered like an indicator that will affect the labor productivity directly. The basic concept that it is handled is transmitted through a very simple figure: the company must be conceived like an alive body whose functions, its workers, and rolls, their actions, integrate and collaborate hand by hand.

Of that way, coaching executive is in charge to work the aspects necessary to grant to the people new capacities of answer, as well as new combat abilities. Three basic steps in a process of coaching executive. 1) The first that will do coach executive is to evaluate the specific needs of the client and thus to determine which is the type of process that agrees to him more. The objectives can go from the reinforcement of basic competitions to the reinforcement of the responsibility and the labor commitment. 2) Once the evaluation has been realised and the objectives have drawn up, the process starts up.

It is very important to consider that is a learning process, where the adaptation is a key word. The greater challenge of coach will be to obtain that the participants in the process adapt of positive form to the actions, dynamic and exercises that will be proposed to them. 3) Once the design of the process is implemented well and this it has started up, coach will have to put in practice its more valuable tool: the dialogue. Indeed, due to the fundamental paper that executive plays the dialogue in a process of coaching, we can say that one is a bilateral process between coach or trainer and or the implied ones in the process.



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