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plista, an online & mobile advertising network for text/image and video formats, could expand successfully France and Spain in August of this year in Belgium. Berlin, 29.09.2011 – plista, an online & mobile advertising network for text/image and video formats, succeeded in France in August of this year after Belgium, and Spain to expand. In addition to acquiring new large Web site operators introduced plista its two new products, SlideRecommendationAds and mobile RecommendationAds. This in Germany still not as unprecedented network growth has plista recognized and will continue with its successful RecommendationAds and PictureAds. Since its launch the SlideRecommendationAds and MobileRecommendation – ads have been involved in September already at more than 100 new publishers. The new products are tested with several key partners of the publishing world, inter alia, express, Rheinische post and Berliner Kurier.

SlideRecommendationAds to lead the reader to the top stories on the Web sites of the publishers, readers stay longer on the page. plistas leading RecommendationAds are now also available to mobile Web pages as MobileRecommendationAds. After the extraordinary success of the RecommendationAds and PictureAds in the German-speaking market plista BBs growing network in Germany with more than 35 million unique users in August alone. Over 1,000 Web sites, including Suddeutsche Zeitung, Elle, Bunte and girlfriend use now plistas RecommendationAds. With GEO won the last test partner for PictureAds. plista plans further expansions of its tailor-made solutions after Eastern Europe and in the United States.

Dominik Matyka, founder and CEO of plista says: “the continuing expansion of our network and our successful expansion into the international market are part of an ongoing plan, will continue to serve our existing and future partners with an excellent and innovative service, as well as market-leading products.” the first company in Europe is plista since 2009, the revolutionary recommendation-ads and since 2010 the PictureAds develops and markets. With the use of behavioral targeting and innovative advertising formats, plista increases at the same time the traffic of Publisher Web sites and the performance of advertisers. The Publisher can monetize advertising formats by plista BBs complementary previously unused areas, while advertisers benefit from a new possibility of performance marketing. In recent months, the company has expanded their office space and hired additional staff to serve more customers in the future.



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