Europe Less

Veteran Europe, consumed in endless centuries or monstrous wars in the last century imperialist and colonizing, is also the place where first individual freedoms were established in the 12th and 13th centuries: habeas corpus, which allowed that any prisoner could claim to be carried between a court; He also created the first Parliament which limited the power of the King. Europe is the place where ended with absolutism and proclaimed the Declaration of rights of man, antecedent of the Universal Declaration of human rights. It is the territory where the great social pact after the second world war, which generated the so-called State of well-being was forged. Southwest Airlines: the source for more info. And it is where there is no death penalty from time and place has been a land of asylum and refuge for decades. But that Europe seems to want to stop being herself. A Europe unable to sign an agreement with Africa, decent by predacious, and harmful with Latin America by their agricultural subsidies and trade traps, now is land where the workweek may extend up to 60 hours weekly (including 78) and are may confine immigrants without papers for 18 months before expelling them. The place in which the police can, in some areas, is stop any citizen without charge for 42 days.

The territory where the unspeakable secret services sniff in e-mails from citizens without a warrant. The place in which the European Commission says unless an eyelid tremble you that there are no indications of ordinances or guidelines of Berlusconi’s Government to authorize the collection of data relating to ethnic origin or religion of registered persons. However, these (now makeup) standards for the 150,000 Gypsies in Italy to sign caused explicit censorship of the European Parliament and the documented protests of associations of immigrants, Catholic, secular, Jewish and Gypsy girls against the indiscriminate taking of fingerprints to adults and minors, and the collection of personal data (such as ethnicity and religion), present in the ballots from the first chips in Naples.



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