Espresso – Passion In The Bean

With the right preparation for the perfect espresso, espresso has become world’s largest popular. What few people however do know: the perfect, traditional preparation is exactly defined and a small science for themselves. Perfected now is the so-called baristas, coffee artists. To make true works of art from coffee, use of milk foam. And they dominate the five golden rules of the Italians for a perfect espresso, the 5 M ‘ For passionate coffee virtuoso everything with the mixture (Miscela) begins. A good espresso may well be a composition of sometimes up to ten different types of coffee.

So a delicate interplay of individual tastes evolved. Coffee experts estimate quality Arabica varieties, in small amounts, but also often wrongly gives that certain something as inferior stamped Robusta of a mixture. And often embezzled: exquisite Robusta varieties are a traditional part of most northern Italian mixes. The mill (Macinadosatore) plays a large role in the quality of the coffees. Because the grind of the coffee is crucial that from 7 g freshly ground coffee Espresso ultimately become 30 ml.

It flows too quickly, the coffee is too coarsely ground. It flows too slowly, the powder is too fine. This fine differences in the degree of grinding decide the flow rate. Bad mills can be however not finely tuned enough to maintain the appropriate proportions. Therefore, professionals set on adjustable mills. Third important component for coffee experts is the machine (Mac China espresso). The perfect espresso requires constant pressure and a constant water temperature of about 90 C. Inferior machines can not afford this and vary in both. Only a machine that can offer these conditions throughout the flow, guarantees optimum and reproducible espressos. However, the best material alone does not help as long as it is not correctly operated. So also is crucial to the quality Man (Mano dell’ Gitmo doors). In addition to the traditional rules of preparation, above all passion, lots of practice and a great deal of experience is required. And ultimately, every Barista invested time in maintenance (standard) his tools. If you want to enjoy your coffees over a long period in high quality, it is essential to periodically clean the machine as well as mill. Include the five M’s and great attention to detail for every passionate coffee lovers. Because just as the espresso is not only good, but just perfect. Rewarded to them with something that would not be possible without all the work: unique enjoyment. Torge Jorrens

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