Espirito Santo

The lie is something so common for many, that in our calendar exist up to one day assigned for it: the day 1 of April. Unhappyly, no matter how hard a lie, the principle, seems to have its credit, the great truth is that its end is disastrous. How many people already had been benefited in some business or project using the falseness, that is twin sister of the lie, and how many already they had been harmed by it. Why she will be that many have the habit to lie? Why some people adopt the lie as life style? Many lie for pressure, fear, covet even though and for convenience. Peter was one of the twelve disciples of Jesus, and from fear, he lay regarding its envolvement with Christ. It denied Jesus saying for the people who did not know it.

The Master already had said to it that in that one exactly day it would go to deny it three times before the rooster sang. If Peter affirmed that he was accompanying of Jesus, could have there been dead or suffered to some another retaliation on the part from the people gifts. The fact is that, after this episode, Christ appeared Peter and this, sorry, cried bitterly. (Lucas 22:54 – 62). You say it truth or the lie, I want to say to it that Jesus is contemplating its origin. No matter how hard it has some serious reason you to yield to the lie, it knows that some day the truth will be able to come to tona. In the Bible, it has some cases of people who had suffered consequncias for if delivering to the lie. Ananias and Safira, for example had been literally died for lying to the Espirito Santo. (Acts 5:1 – 10). Expensive reader, valley to stand out that the lie can breach relationships, destroying, thus, the confidence.



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