Environmental Bank

Concepts with potential be financed with a sum of up to 50.000EUR (excluding VAT). Even professionals can obtain this loan. The term is fixed to 10 to 20 years. The today’s solar panels have a longer life span. After the repayment, the owner can keep the revenues for themselves.

The interest rate on the financing is determined based on the creditworthiness. The classification of the applicant can be done in 7 categories. According to an effective interest rate of 3.86 percent is due to 8.52 percent. The redemption is out in quarterly instalments. An unscheduled repayment is also possible. Environmental Bank: There are several nationwide global financial institutions that have specialized in the financing of photovoltaic systems and accordingly offer a low interest rate. The environment is a good example of this.

Attractive conditions for solar projects, a comprehensive framework of credit, one year grace period and the credit applies not only for the own roofs, but also for leased roofs. As collateral, chattel of the system, a land register entry and the assignment of the feed-in tariff will be required. The potential yield of the PV system is still checked by the Bank before the lending. The term of the loan is between 10 and 20 years. During the maximum contract period is the interest rate on 4.26 percent. Also the GL S base offers a comprehensive service for environmental concerns of the Bank. In contrast to the environment Bank, she has however some branches. Here, the amount of the loan is limited to 30.000EUR. The term goes beyond not over 15 years and the feed-in tariff not numbers of rates is required as security. Half a year’s grace period in this agreement. Real estate credit: Also on the mortgage can be financed in a photovoltaic system. Debt-free homeowners, which with a large attachment (25.000EUR up) plan, are therefore well-advised.

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