Medium-sized IT entrepreneurs are worsened beset the market concentration in the software market increasingly driven by the market leaders in niche markets. Increasingly niche software provider, remember that the to the part of your component suppliers are afflicted. Medium-sized IT entrepreneurs are increasingly from the market leaders in niche markets pressed – on 29 July a workshop for mid-sized IT entrepreneurs on the subject of Unternehmenszu-found in Frankfurt and sale took place. Participants increasingly see the need to take measures caused by the competition of the market leader SAP, Microsoft, Autodesk etc. also in niche markets. The connexxa workshop participants were divided in assessing the appropriate countermeasures.

This may also have been the different situation of each market niche. Several IT entrepreneurs have made to examine a company acquisition in its respective market niche to secure the market position. The next IT-entrepreneur workshop will be most 28.8 in Frankfurt instead..

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