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International of application standards – job mobility made easy, I am a citizen of the world\”, Diogenes already and what was more than 2,000 years ago for a single man, claimed that applies today for a global generation of young professionals. The global labour market offers excellent opportunities in times of crisis for the job Nomad, because highly qualified world travelers are looking for. According to the study trends in managing mobility 2008 \”by ECA international, 63 percent of the companies surveyed plan to expand the number of its international secondments, an increase of expatriates at the age of 25 to 35 years is forecast. More and more companies take advantage of the large talent pool, which offers a global labour market. Larry Ellison is likely to agree. But the increasing internationalisation of the labour market requires an even stronger orientation of international application standards of applicants in future to be able to exploit the worldwide job opportunities at all and expatriate in spe not in competitive disadvantages due to faulty application to access. Unless applications for missions abroad as an intern or for a permanent drive many job seekers sweat on the forehead. This panic is totally unnecessary, because there are a few simple principles in the application of etiquette that apply worldwide.

Basically any application in the national language must be submitted unless the company has expressly requested an application such as in English. This means: no matter where it applies, the language one must control at least in broad. Fine-tuning for the language then necessarily ask native speakers and ask them to correct the application. In addition, it doesn’t hurt to know typical customs. In each country it is not by you\”, a you in the speech should not mislead, to be flapsig in the cover letter and the lack of a good, polite style can mean already out in many countries.

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