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study analysis Mason. “Multi-play services in Europe: forecasts and analysis 2012 2017”. Published on February 8, 2013 and available on Research/Content/Reports/Multi-play-services-Europe-forecasts-Feb2013-RDMB0/#.UkLcC228QTA 3. SFR “multi pack Carree 2 hr + 500 mo” for 39.98 per month. Source: Flux. This quad play, a double-flat for telephone and Internet with a speed of up to 25 Mbit / s, a TV are included, as well as with an SMS Flatrate, 500 MB data volume and 2 hours unlimited calls a mobile phone rates package with 170 channels. 4.

Orange “Canguro 35” monthly 54,45. This tariff includes a DSL Flatrate with up to 20 Mbit/s, an all-net telephone flat, a mobile phone contract with 150 minutes and 300 MB of data volume as well as a TV package with 50 channels. Learn more in the press center of the Bharat. Press contact of Hasan Natascha Kahmann country Manager Tel. + 44 20 400 6246 comparison portal schlaubi.de schlaubi.de is an independent comparison portal for Internet, phone & TV provider. We compare the tariffs of all current provider for you free and independent, so that you quickly and easily choose the best offer.

Our company was in 2012 with its headquarters in London, England founded in since about 50 employees. We offer you a comprehensive and impartial advice for phone, Internet and TV offers. Annually, we help our customers so to save if they decide to switch providers up to 500. The Hasan Verfugbarkeitschecker allows you to check the availability of the single provider for your place of residence, stating your postal code. In addition, the Hasan comparison portal provides many useful tips, advice and detailed information on fares, which can assist you in choosing your provider.



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