Emotional Liberation

This is an approach that I had myself when I started working with different techniques of emotional liberation. In the first years of study with EFT, Sedona method, or Z-point got resounding results in the release of small trauma, addictions and generally in different aspects more therapy than with the winwry. Although from the first moment I started set me goals and work towards its achievement with different techniques and processes, it has been recently, when I’ve really found an effective way to use the release to get over and over again, what I propose. It is not reason for this article to develop the procedure (primarily because it is enough complex for it to be impossible to sketch in a few lines), but I’m going to tell you which was the event that made it understood in all its magnitude, up to that point an emotional lock can be limiting ourselves. The fact in question happened a day working with my friend Jose Antonio Campana (author of the book the) Seeds of Christ, edit. Robin Cook), when I had a profoundly liberating experience in which I could release a lock that came from my early childhood and that he was deeply ingrained in my psyche. This information trapped, caused by a lack of love (understood by a small child), made me seek the approval of others in an excessive manner. This desire for approval, it wasn’t more than a longing for a child that at a single point in time did not feel loved, and which continues to search for with the time that love that he lacked.

And as incredible as it seems, that understanding, made it disappear the gap and since that time has been much easier to achieve what I intend. From that point, the small obstacles have been eliminated much more easily and achievement of targets has become something absolutely natural. Thereafter the techniques of NLP, DBM, the application of EFT models, have begun to operate as if by magic with much more efficiency. Since that time, all creation of my own coaching system, has precipitated as if it will take long time, bidding on exit, and something prevent it. Something that fortunately and thanks to Antonio Jose and others is no longer. I should clarify here that this omission and that blockade, were something completely hidden, and though not consciously had no negative memory and even has a sense of having always been very dear, what a child may feel at a single point in time, you can leave an imprint deep in his mind.

But liberation is also useful when it comes to small locks that prevent us to act effectively we want, in these cases also the use of EFT and others will be a breakthrough. I think sincerely, that can still learn much of the processes of liberation, and am confident in further developing them and learning from those who are walking the road ahead of me. I am sure that the true potential of a truly liberated human beings, is yet to be discovered, and we have by both an exciting job.

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