Emotional At Work

Carlos Mora Vanegas in present time management in order to ensure positive results favouring the Organization, in addition to the updated administrative knowledge that successful companies use, must know properly handle their emotional intelligence and optimize motivational incentives that encourage that members of the company take step to their creativity, innovations, potentiality that benefits all. Eduardo Amoros quotation, every time a person joins a company, so that you can really deliver all their best effort in order to do a good job, not only based on their skills, but also do so with the proper commitment and of course with the necessary enthusiasm, needed, to begin with, the material resources necessary to do their jobs. So it is important to really know how it should be done and finally realize and feel that what you are doing benefits someone, who is contributing effectively in the development of the Organization and society and at the same time recognize you in the affective plan for this work. Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Professor of Harvard University, author and renowned speaker in United States and England. This researcher assures that five powers are needed to successfully face a rapidly changing world and clients every demanding day, ranging from the purchase of a pinhole, through any type of goods, to the most demanding services that includes the acquisition of information to a varied range of levels of importance, and making really the fact that providers are no longer so distant as before (Internet to made possible this approach) that buyers can be handled within a long range of options, including regardless of distances, races or languages. Five powers, many researchers and authors have integrated these into what they call the hand of the to human. For example: thumb, which is the finger that helps us to ask us to carry or to say if an activity was carried out with success by lifting upward, in conclusion helps us to communicate, they relate it with the power of the voice; in the case of the index, which is that got up to ask for the floor in an any type of business meeting or class to be able to transmit and share a way of thinking, a position on the subject of discussion at the meeting, represents the power of the imagination; the finger, which is the finger that to extend the arm and hand to serve people this closer to the people, is used to imply the power of retribution; nulling, for being the finger where to place the ring in marriage, the power of commitment; and to finish off the little finger that interlace at another person to make a Covenant or crashing it, gives us to understand the power of the Association definitively as says Edanys Sacerio, the study of feelings and emotions has taken boom over the last decade by the model of emotional intelligence.



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