Edmund Frohlich

So, the social economy have increasingly to face same challenges that are top in other sectors of the economy for a long time on the agenda: the qualities of interim managers in the context of normal vacancies were needed in addition to the already mentioned acute failure of leadership. The reason: Serious growing lack of suitable executives passes on the social economy as little as on companies that earn their money in other sectors. That this problem in the social economy is gaining importance, he not only watch as the expert for interim management highlights today. Edmund Frohlich refers to a often underestimated fact: “If in the social economy management positions need to be filled, we have to do it already with notice periods of half a year under normal circumstances. But even in this months choices; not everything can be moved later.

Here, a company may not second Act. A ship needs a captain now. And a company needs leadership and who knows just to offer a qualified interim management. In a sense from the State. Interim management can often be the Savior in the staff need this circumstance makes the rescuer in the personnel emergency Frohlich Management GmbH for many companies in the social economy. Where this normal case in itself can have it as already said. Edmund Frohlich and his team do not hesitate but to lift even heavier chunks in the case.

About then, if a company operating in the social economy has fallen into a lopsided economy. The restructuring measures, which would then essential, be with the old management staff usually not into action to implement finally just this management is often not innocent’s plight: “then the lens acting interim management with his independence and impartiality can afford valuable help, says Edmund Frohlich. We must take into account yes no personal feelings. But what happens when it comes to the crunch and is no longer to save a company from the social economy? Then, so Edmund Frohlich, the interim management take the necessary management tasks up to the sometimes inevitable bankruptcy.

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