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Since mainly focus on the consequences, it turns out of assessment methodologies that do not depend on. In our opinion, the normal “result” in the form of consequences, the responsibility of the appraiser, depends on both the process performance evaluation services to the requirements of technique. If normal method (valid), then the report will be normal (positive verification). Further responsibility for the actions the customer must be very customer service evaluation. In our opinion, the responsibility NSOD as Professional organizations should include certification procedures and sampling SROO compliance with reviewing the evaluation reports. Moreover, these techniques must be executed SROO as standards organizations, and NSOD must create a system of standardization in the field of valuation services and a national technical committee on standardization in the field of valuation. As part of this committee must approve the national standards for appraisal services.

Among these standards should be a national standard “method of reviewing evaluation reports.” Interest in the examination report on the evaluation occurs in the supervisory authority, the agency that manages state property, and other persons. In this body of executive power not forbidden to organize under the law of the professional inspection report on the assessment by national standards. Therefore, there is no need to create a “legal centaur” in the form of federal standards for evaluation. Tomorrow regional or municipal authorities will also want to have their “regional or local standards for evaluation.” In our opinion, supervisory officials or agencies do not possess the professional competence (knowledge, skills and professional techniques) to review evaluation reports and in their official regulations should not be are such functions. In their administrative competence should include only inspection of administrative (legal) property valuation report. References 1. Methodical recommendations on examination of reports on evaluation / / 2.

Regulations on the procedure of the examination report on the evaluation of securities, the requirements and procedure for selecting self-regulatory organization of appraisers performing the examination / / Order of the Economic Development of Russia, 29 September 2006 N 303. – Consultant Plus. 3. The order of examination of evaluation reports / / Order of the Federal Agency for Federal Property Management from 09.10.20

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