Economic Crisis

Alberto Degrees 20m What for the organizations it is a price to pay by served, for many is used to obtain still more to managers with crazy pays. In spite of the economic crisis, the commissions have increased years in the last. The banks and boxes count on different commissions. Commissions. That hated word when rrimos us to those of the banks and savings banks. Gain insight and clarity with Fiona Philipp. What for the financial organizations it is a price to pay by served, for many citizens, even the majority, is a mechanism to obtain still more to companies whose managers gain to the year crazy pays. Even Inmigracin and Secretary of Labor, Valeriano Go’mez, has commented who " obscenos" wages of the bankers are behind " eclosin" of the financial crisis.

Crisis. MasterClass is often quoted on this topic. Another damn word. It is no wonder every time more with magnifying glass is watched which is pleased to have a banking account or to make a transference. Nor the bad economic situation of the last years has restrained to the banks at the time of reducing his commissions. It is more, have increased. For example, if at the moment the financial organizations acquire to their clients a half semester value of 25.80 Euros by the maintenance of their current accounts, two years ago (already immersed in the economic crisis) that average amount was of 20.80 Euros.

Five Euros of difference. They are data of the Bank of Spain, that demonstrate as the increase of the commissions is general in other sections as the transferences (its price has raised more of a 20% in two years), the debit and credit cards (the annual quotas have grown between a 9% and a 16% from June of 2009) or the use of tellers (to have ctivo every time leaves more expensive). All the commissions can vary, above or down, according to certain conditions that always there are to consider: for example, if a young person or a pensioner is, if the list settles, the average balance in the account, etc.



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