Dynamic Companies

A company is articulated, dynamic social interaction, oriented by negotiated decisions and with a certain technical division of the work, being a point for the convergence of interests and principles carried by individuals, which are motivated by incentives that allow them to contribute to the attainment of objectives and goals beyond his personal, immediate and ephemeral restlessness. Learn more about this topic with the insights from baby clothes. This enterprise organization is guaranteed in as much exists a cultural mutual understanding enters the members to contribute to a cohesion of these and an identification with her objectives. A cultural mutual understanding that includes the handling of a same language that causes the fluid communication between the members and the identification with principles govern that it. On the other hand, the individual, oriented towards specific interests, tries to rationally realise them by means of the consideration of means with the suitability to reach the objectives of the organization. The company and its social surroundings are in constant interaction reciprocally and interchange, redefining themselves. Like partial system or subsystem, the organization is located within ampler social system, being indispensable the external factors to work and to be perpetuated.

How to secure to the balance between the individual aspirations and the social cohesion he is one of the main subjects of reflection. The modern society also series needs of values or vision of world shared, that moderates the individualistic aspirations, absolutely egoistic, and that exists a union of common interests over the individuals, but without eliminating these last ones either. This would entail to the permanence of the individual identity and to one balanced social interaction for its good development. Durkeim maintained that the division of the work does not produce the dispersion or incoherence, but the functions when being in contact with the enemy with the other, balance; being this adaptation and contact a conduct rule, not removed the free individual will. It recognized that the division of the work and solidarity of the social body, that allows the members of the society to conserve its autonomy and its differentiated identity.



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