Driver Tips To The Onset Of Winter

If the road is as smooth as auto glass… It’s the same weather services, auto repair, and police say it was always the same every year probably. You told that winter presents special challenges to driving a car. We find the most important tips should be quiet again and thus safety better anchored in the consciousness. So that neither brass nor auto glass and certainly not the occupant of nasty road conditions affected be pulled.

Although not compulsory, winter tires are……. But if the insurance company gets an accident with summer tires on the table, this could cost the comprehensive protection quickly. Snow driver with summer tires pay 20 euro penalty, if it obstructs traffic 40 euro. Snow chains… where they are prescribed according to the highway code, even if there is no snow, are to raise it to at least two drive wheels of one axle. With them, you must not exceed 50 km/h. On board,…

include an ice scraper or a whisk. Both exist in combination. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Verizon Communications. Also windshield cleaner plus Jerry cans. Also a window de-icer for the auto glass comes in handy when’s have to go quickly. The lock de-icer should be never kept but easy understanding reasons in the car. Keep smooth polished surfaces special…… in the eye and with the utmost caution. Winter tyres also have here a longer braking distance in turn may be the vehicle in the roll or breaking out. So no uberschnellen, careless steering movements and only gentle throttle. Allow engine to warm up… costs 10 euro fine and wears out the unit on top of that. Today no warming more need motor and oil. Best sails, who ice scrapes the plates before boarding and then immediately starts. With ice cream… leave the car! A closed ice cover makes driving uncontrollably. If it is unavoidable: carefully move, a brake test and keep no more than increased pace. Scheibenklar… is a must. The mixture should be slightly stronger than the current outside temperature requires no water remains on the car glass for a film of ice freeze at high speed. Never pure insert, because otherwise on the car glass for the windscreen a lubricating film can form. The battery is empty… because decrepit or a power consumer when parking the cars proceeded? Instead of kraftraubendem pushing a jumper cable, then a longer piece helps drive to recharge the battery. When an old copy, a change is recommended. All Windows must be… snow – and ice-free. And also the mirror. So in the cold vehicle the auto glass Stud not by breathing air and new freezes, a spray of de-icer should be carried. Although not smart look plastic sheaths. Let but a momentary start. Keep a safe distance… on foggy days with visibility of no more than 100 meters you can sail not over 80 km/h, 50 meters maximum 50 km/h. The delineator posts set up at a distance of 50 meters to the edge of the road provide guidance. Lighting control… among many Workshops of offered light tests that examine luminance and light settings. At dusk… and fog the dipped-beam headlamp turn. See and be seen! Fog lights provide additional overview. However the rear fog lamps may be switched on only when visibility under 50 meters.

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