Dorflinger Project

The corporate design guidelines by Karcher were taken into account in the design. Because the target platform mobile device”it was clear early that the content of the app only partially consists of the typical technical product descriptions. Rather, the benefits of the new medium with many images, corporate presentations and videos, as well as intuitive navigation via one-touch or bison should be optimally utilised. The app for the selected pilot product group of scrubbing machines should also promptly be completed for a presentation. A request requiring an agile project approach. At the same time, it was but to design processes that enable content updates with highest possible degree of automation. To prepare more apps for different application scenarios and contents had to be created generating the app as far as generic, later extensions in the app portfolio without big new implementations getting out.

Conclusion of the project is important for customer satisfaction in particular satisfaction with the result. Christof Dorflinger, project manager at Karcher, assesses the project as follows: we had the goal to present a modern app for the iPad to our customers and prospective customers at the fair. In addition, we want to deploy this app sales and generate apps for other product groups. With infolox, we have found the right partner for these goals. As the project progresses, we were integrated at the right times and were able to test prototypes quickly.

The project team has helps to always optimally and professionally us at infolox. Our desires and our target groups were the focus. Technical aspects were discussed where necessary us, without overloading us with details of the implementation. In the short term we have yet a second app even for the trade fair for our just-in-time suction Sweeper asked. This desire is infolox fast and quickly complied. Both apps could be used at the fair. For Karcher and our customers this is a success.” A success can be entered also from technical point of view.

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