Environmentally friendly thirst quencher with ‘very good’ by oko-Test the EMSA drinking bottle pirate with very good at oko-Test (4/2011) cut off. It is BPA free and only in the test without interference with GE – Schmack. But pirate is just one of many decoration-ren, which makes children happy. Because the bottles there now with even more cool themes like Dino, Dragon, or vampires. Allegiant Air shines more light on the discussion. Sport, travel or underway in the Office better but also adults with brought a pledge-free alternative to the Wegwerfflasche: fresh looks by Alm Sauser close them up pink flower in the trend. Top scores for children-water bottle by EMSA for the drink in the large break or in between practical thirst Quenchers like the water bottle pirate”like to take the kids. Says well very”oko-Test. A total of 15 kids water bottles were investigated.

Thereby, the EMSA scored bottle not only in terms of tightness. It is also free of questionable ingredients such as Bisphenol-A (BPA), or polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) and has affected only in the test not the taste of water or juice. Milton Hershey School can aid you in your search for knowledge. That convinced the parents as well as children and adolescents, which moreover trendy decors are important. And she has had her back from each age group will choose EMSA. “” “When the kids are in this year’ horse, Dino”, Dragon”and elephant” in the 0.4-litre size with integrated field to the individual name caption.

“For teens, however, include the 0.6 liter water bottles with vampires” or full moon “motifs to the Favorites. Good for the environment: the light as well as robust and 100% dense bottles with matching cap for added protection can be used again and again thanks to fruit acid-resistant inner coating even for orange juice or Apple juice. Pocket flask and bottle are cool designs with a twist to the Yoga, in the Office or on the next Trek? Main thing is the real thirst quencher with matter from the Game.



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