Dismissing Personnel

Mr. Ramirez is Manager of the area where Raul F works Mr. Ramirez: Raul takes seat, please Raul F: Thanks Mr. Ramirez: Raul, the economic situation from the country to cause that the company loses important clients, thus we have areas of the company that must close. Lamentably its section this in this situation.

We cannot retain it in its position reason why we must let it go Raul F: It means that I am dismissed? They say that the reGraciascomendaciones are. for many already hardened a soldier to fire in these irrelevant subjects ; But for that they have not had that experience, here some simple advice who helped to but of one. So that does not put in problems, that knows, someday were applied it to. you. What there is to do 1. – To be warm 2. – To speak 3 clearly. Sap Customers has much experience in this field.

– To try to be calm during the meeting. 4. – To indicate the negative aspects that they took to make decision 5. – It marks positive aspects 6. – To ask for the return of identifications, keys and another documentation 7. – The payment of the economic part Has ready that corresponds to him to the worker, it pays to him immediately, does not make it return another day by that aim. 8. – If it can offer a program of labor reintegration, better. Opposite case ofrzcale its recommendations to support it in the search of a new use. What it is not necessary to do 1. – Place to doubts Leaves, total the time cures wounds 2. – It debates, discusses 3. – It makes commentaries personal, is useful is his great night. 4, – Once communicated that this dismissed. The soon possible thing throws to the employee but of the facilities of company 5. – A special day Hopes to dismiss the employee, for example: its birthday 6. – If the whole employee by a companion or of causality by a rumor, better no longer spent much saliva in the subject.



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