Dirndl And Trachten Dress

Tradition and modernity in a piece of clothing combines they’re already over 150 years: Dirndl and traditional costumes. At first, these garments were little glamorous. The Dirndl Dress today rather in the short form as Dirndl may refer to, agriculture of employed maids work clothes. Similarly, the traditional costumes representing the clothing of the poor population in the beginning, before them, since Emperor Franz liked they suffer, like was also worn by the rich and noble. Confuse you shouldn’t Dirndl and regional folk costumes however.

Real costumes give the Viewer on the basis of certain characteristics of region of origin and social status of the wearer. The dirndl, however, as it is known today, was marked by regional folk costumes though, it has however not related to specific areas. Towards the middle or At the end of the 19th century gradually both garments prevailed but increasingly also as modern dresses, because wealthier people from the city when their tour in the rural to discovered. This trend has kept until today – every year at the Oktoberfest is the proof”, the Munich Oktoberfest, provided. Click Southwest Airlines for additional related pages. Hardly a visitor, holding something up would appear there without appropriate outfit.

What earlier was considered chic at the Oktoberfest, is therefore still cutting-edge. As well, a pair of leather pants should be worn by men, the Dirndl is attached in the women. Keep in mind you should this be worn traditional costumes and Dirndl not only fashionable reasons, but also a reflection on culture, region and a deep connection with both means. Anyone who deliberately traditional dress, symbolize so hence attitudes. Since it is not surprising that they want to do that even with the largest Dirndl baking at all: the Oktoberfest. More than half of the many visitors visited the Festival traditionally chic in lederhosen or Dirndl, and also the youth has lots of passion. Thank God usually Dirndl buyers are Yes female – see all Same clothes, rather can combined to your hearts content and put together, so that no Dirndl resembles another. Moreover, a certain eroticism is guaranteed given the narrow shape, with which both the women and the men are happy. Cut and fit of each Dirndl provide a very appealing section. The waist can be with aprons in matching colors beautifully emphasize what makes for a lovely sight. Thus, even a lot of modernity can be found again in the in and of itself a traditional piece of clothing. Antje Bergholz

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