Whether you have a business or company that sells or provides services, whether you have an Internet business or whatever, the inclusion of your site in directories is something important, and I am not speaking of search engines but directories, but however it seems that many do not take into account or that they attached very little importance. You know, that unlike search engines, directories are indexed by humans, i.e. When you request the inclusion of your site in one of them, there are people who will visit your site to see that this is, if you hold established norms as well as the quality of the site, and if they feel that it meets all the requirementsthat site will be included in the directory. Directories are accumulated the visited sites that are included in different categories according to their specific topic; and this gives you more transparency and many people, including webmasters, visitors often looking for important information. But I think that the main use which are having directories is that, by including your site in them, you are really getting a link to your site (back Links) and as many of these directories have a significant history and they have acquired true prestige, this link to your page, is precisely an important link, especially for Google.

This has a lot that see the popularity and PageRank of the directory, but not to confuse you with this PageRank tell it you simple well, a link from an important site, and directories are important because Google considers them quality to be edited by people, it is a link of greater weight, of greater value. If we take into account that Google gives importance above all incoming links from a site that has your same niche or topic that your site, everything happens the contrary when you get incoming links from any site that has nothing to do with the theme of your site and especially those sites that are only to place links (you can see an article thereon at this same site that is a farm of links?). Within this panorama directories are the exception and the links that get you from There, are you very useful to position yourself. Is that for many is very boring and tedious task to register in directories, but I suggest that, if you don’t like it, binding this task to another person, but your site is included in all the directories as you can, because the search engines have a tendency to include categories of directories in very good positions. But lately a new modality (in some directories) is that although the link is present, this does not have the backing of the directory itself, i.e. that do not guarantee the quality.

Anyway, take part in the categories of directories, not only it will favour your position in search engines, but that they will undoubtedly increase visits to your site that will come from the same directories. Finally: never forget the magic word of the Internet, the word that all-encompassing and that can do everything, food for each day, traffic, and in pursuit of achieving this, we have to do everything you need. Include your website in directories, will be for you a task, that even if you do not like, cannot be left aside or overlooked. Lots of luck!

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