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Judgment of March 24, 2010: the Hamburg district court recognizes consulting the Bank failed. The Hamburg district court has sentenced the private bank of Delbruck Bethmann Maffei, to reimburse the amount set out in a certificate of Lehman in addition to interest a bank customer (AZ. 313 O 95/09). On the recommendation of the Bank, the investor had bought Lehman certificates for around 38,000 euros in July 2008. For more specific information, check out Jonathan Rosen PR. After the bankruptcy of Lehman in September 2008 complained of the customer against the Bank for damages. The District Court of Hamburg has now decided that the Bank specifically would have to inform the customer on the market situation at Lehman. Just so the investors could get a comprehensive picture of the risks, which go hand in hand with a financial investment. The Bank had offered the certificates as an alternative to the fixed deposit to the customer and highlighted the capital guarantee. She has but failed to indicate the issuer risk of Lehman. Due to the financial crisis, the risk of insolvency had risen at Lehman after recorded and the stock broke a Lehman billion loss. A general reference to the issuer risk rich here insufficient, so the judge. Also the Bank had presented a description of the certificate the customer, from which a better rating resulted when it actually had Lehman at the time of the sale. The agencies had lowered the rating of Lehman already in early June 2008. Each case of victims must be considered singly”, the representative of the claimant, Henning Stoffregen, of the law firm of Diekmann says lawyers, but the prospects of further complaints have increased significantly when the banks have sold the certificates without reference to the market environment and the lower rating.” The full judgment is available here. DIEKMANN attorneys at law

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