Decoration Of Dormitories

Decoration of Dormitories: Like everything what it surrounds to us, the decoration of our house will depend on our tastes, our personality and even on our state of intention. But often when choosing the colors that are going to predominate in our home it is necessary to have in account some things but like the natural light, the dimensions or what those colors contribute to us. In this decoration of the dormitory of the photo inferior the asymmetry has been chosen as you can see, the lamps of the two small tables are different, the same small tables is different to each other, has the same height nor color not even, but for it is better has stayed the same tone in the lamps and similar forms in the small tables. To decorate a small dormitory usually is a very difficult task, but there are some resources that can cause that they are seen well, and most important, than we do not feel bad in a so small space. We showed some ideas to you. To this dormitory a cabin aspect has occurred him. It was only furnished with a wood bed of century principles, the walls and the ceiling is places setting with pine tables, placed of horizontal form and painted of white lacquer to give to the impression of more amplitude and light. In order to still gain more space, the window is abre towards outside, and was done of extended and horizontal rectangular form, to give a panoramic view of the landscape, which extends the space.

In order to have illumination near the bed in nocturnal hours, a lamp of metal to the flank was placed. In order to create a sensation of comfort and privacy, the walls were guinea fowl of greenish brown color until certain height. A great mirror expands the space, reflecting the light and the vibrant red color of the pillows. Satin eiderdown gives much light. In the head an old weave has been placed in which mirrors and different old pieces were hung. In this room which has become is to place a curtain to cover the closet, which gives a greater sensation of space, since thus it does not give the sensation of " to come encima". Decoration of Dormitories But on decoration in: Decoration of Rooms. Author original and source of the article.



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