Dealing With Emotions

Sometimes there are so many decisions we have to take emotional mess we entered and we were paralyzed, we do nothing. The body is tense, sometimes even we have trouble breathing. It is important that we get used to decide fairly quickly. Given an easy decision, make the purpose of deciding on the spot. Given a decision more complex, find your options, understand their potential impact and take a chance to make a satisfactory decision, which will be "better" than you could take at that time. Only then will advance. 2.

Once we made a decision to go ahead and not getting around it. You chose the best option at that time and the resources you had. Period. No error. This specific decision that you dared to take, will take you on a path that is that you must take to learn and advance. Outside the thoughts of "If I had done this or that …." They exist only to create mental and physical discomfort.

Weakens you to continue your life. Give it twists and turns leave you in the past and does not let you move forward. Your decision, stick to a simple conclusion, as clear as possible and move on. 3. Evaluate what we have. It is not conformity, is valuation based on our reality. Make a list of the positive things around you. Perhaps you have not perfect, but something is? It is not sit back and say that is what is, period. It's about seeing the positive things around you instead of seeing only the aspect that we do not like. We tend to focus on what negative. In addition, the company consistently shows us characters who "appear to" have it all and we tend to compare almost without realizing it. Much of what we show is fictitious (see photoshop). The perfect job, perfect partner, perfect children, perfect house … does not exist. If there is something we really want change or we can do better, how? putting goals and taking steps to achieve them. 4. Set objectives for each area of life. Goals that will help guide you to where you want and what you want to improve and achieve. Objectives for you in your work, with the couple, with children. Start with simple things. I'll give you some examples. Yourself, a hobby or activity you like. With your partner: a time to share and talk about some interesting topic. With your children, a time to enjoy them. The house can make a change in decor. In summary, to be gaining in satisfaction follow these four steps: Dare to DECIDE, NO bones about it ONCE THE DECISION TAKEN, WHAT VALUES YOU, AND PONTE AIMS TO IMPROVE AND ADVANCE. (1) Weiting Ng, Ed Diener, James Harter and Raksha Arora (2008), "Affluence, Feelings of Stress, and Well-being."



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