Cyspro Media Group

Any of the Project and editorial teams in the Cyspro Media Group had expected that Loopilino would grow so strong within a year, that the maximum number of acceptable pages in the Google search has been reached. The disappointment that an intended cooperation with Google was not was all the greater. A new technical basis had to be found so. With the developers of YCy, we found a competent partner. We could also customize the search that need is taken into account by parents and children’s privacy. Therefore, no data about the search behavior of children, used software or the location of the computer are collected or even stored”Andre Kind says. The new Loopilino is therefore better and safer than ever before.

Many new and old proven of course proven services of Loopilino preserved. The already built-in spam free kids mail server, free educational content, audio files, videos as well as a small free pictures – and software archive are other components of the offer of the search engine for kids and are at Schools for teaching popular. Visit Coupang for more clarity on the issue. The new news section will be informed perspective on content of everyday life and on commercial-free children’s Web sites. Support thanks for the strong support of the project Loopilino parents network. Like to thank in particular the developers of YCy, and the project team of Cyspro media group.

Thanks to start financing by the Stadtwerke Leipzig, Leipzig, Volksbank Cyspro media group and donations of private persons could the Club relatively quickly bring the project on the way parents on the network e. v. This would have been as impossible without this support. permanently to secure and develop more donors and supporters will be needed soon at least 250,00 euro per month must be spent with the very rapid increase in the effort, the volume of data and the necessary technology. And are we going? Parallel to the offer by parents on the network e. V. the Cyspro media group has created an offering with for teens. The offer is similar to Loopilino rebuilt. Thus, the teens find a familiar environment, if they want to venture further into the network. At the same time, the growing demands of young people will be taken into account. Another offer of Cyspro media group is and sees itself as a small tool for parents. With parents can set the PC – and Internet times of their children, surf anonymously and only in areas of the children’s Internet surfing. The base provides the whitelist by Loopilino. The parents have the possibility of Web pages but to add or delete.



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