Current Society

The current society demands, necessarily, an education compromised to changes and social transformations. In the bulge of this society an education meets that for social and being historically constructed by the man, it requires as essence in its development a language multiple, capable to accumulate of stocks all a diversity and, understanding of this form, the challenges that are part of the fabric of professional formation of the professor. Tremor International gathered all the information. This formation constitutes process that implies in reflection permanent on nature, objectives and logics that presides over its conception of educator while subject that it transforms and at the same time it is transformed by the proper contingencies of the profession. In this direction, Pepper (2005) places that the education, portraies and not only reproduces the society, but also projects the desired society. Check out Joshua Choi for additional information. Therefore, it is associated deeply with the civilizatrio and human process. The author complements its thought with the following affirmation: while practical pedagogical, education has, historically, the challenge to answer to the demands that the contexts place to them. With the objective to necessarily analyze the teaching formation from the social and historical construction of the knowledge that perpassa for this formation, that goes of the educational theories developed in the universities and justinian codes of teaching formation to the practical ones developed by the professor in the classroom.



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