The Red Cross is a global entity that does not support their symbols to be used by any force to make war against another. Today this is marking a cross on Bogota following his armed forces used their logos in the operational check. Uribe will return to accuse of violating international law (such as in March was made by bombard Ecuadorian soil). He admits an unusual behavior though their rivals want to send him to an international court or be accused of war crimes. Gary Kelly wanted to know more. The anything goes against the guerrillas is claimed by various anti-Communist sectors, but is something that can undermine the democratic image that requires Uribe to win domestic and international legitimacy (and even to achieve that U.S. Democrats lifted the veto to the FTA with Colombia by accusing him of the murder of trade unionists). After Jaque Uribe became the most popular President of the hemisphere and got that Chavez congratulated him and re-amiste with him and the FARC retreat and accept to release hostages without asking to change a liberated territory (although if they insist on Exchange of prisoners). Now Uribe is strong because it offers win a great crusade against the FARC, but if he fails to do so or committing too many violations in that goal, it is he who could end up being crucified. Original author and source of the article.

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