Credit Banks

Greetings my dear readers, the issue that motivates me to write is that lately I’ve noticed how many of my friends and acquaintances tell me what at first seemed a profit became a financial nightmare: credit cards. Many of us woke up one day with the arrival of an envelope whose contents is a credit card inviting us to enjoy the services offered. From our acceptance we fall into an endless temptations of acquiring goods and services that we never thought we would be able to acquire. We ended up with a debt that while our revenue will allow us to meet the payments on the terms that the card issuer requires everything looks perfect and wonderful, we ask for an expansion of our credit limit to increase our levels of consumption and ratify our solvency of payment for vacuuming every day more. If all this happened let me say with respect that they deserve because they fell into the great trap as I fell also 5 years ago.

When that happened and check my account statements, looking for the formula to pay very high monthly fees I realized that had something to correct. Got fired me from my work by reducing staff, cai in arrears or delay in payments and the banks do not me perdonanaron to impose such drastic measures were difficult to meet. At the end I managed, with much sacrifice, cancel my debt but I realized account of everything that gave me credit cancel it in three times higher than its value amounts by soaring interest rates charged by the Bank. The credit more costly are those of credit cards, no instrument charge such high interest and their rationale is that the Bank does not have any good or warranty that supports your consumptions. That is the real reason why banks are looking for that you consume as much as you can to then charge you the more high rates for their benefit.



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