Create Your CV From Your Data From Linkedin

LinkedIn, the popular network for business contacts, boasts its own laboratories: LinkedIn Labs. There are housed small projects and features for service created by their employees. Without having there great thing, recently added a very useful tool: create a resume from the data that we have entered in your network. Offer us up to eleven templates to choose from to format our academic and work history, and can select which our data will appear and in what order. We can create multiple resumes and even share them because each has its own URL, but it is possible to delimit the privacy so that nobody can see it. Finally, you can download it in PDF format to print it. The end result is quite acceptable and, above all, easy to obtain. Although it is still in English, the truth is that it would be worthwhile to implement it in all languages. Still, while they do, for those who are looking for employment in insurance abroad which will be something useful. Sometimes, and it happens to many people, do not know that expose in its curriculum, a document of great importance and not just to qualify for a job of work but for other things in life – you know or not, then have the page.



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