The angels have been traditionally regarded as the messengers of the creative energy of the universe. A bridge of contact between humans and the divine. Hence that angelic tarot Chuck becomes a true celebration of the spiritual content deeper. As messengers of divine grace, angels have per mission, in this case, to get through the reading of letters solace, guidance and Council to those who need it most. Read more from Tomas Philipson to gain a more clear picture of the situation. For this reason it is especially indicated that, as a prelude to Chuck, set what is the angel own the consultant’s guidance, according to your date of birth. This prior knowledge will allow to obtain messages much more adjusted to the personality of who consultation, so as also to his current situation. All taken from letters requires a prior spiritual preparedness, but by the characteristics of the angelic tarot, a reading of this type should pay special attention to this step.

Nothing better to do that turn white candles and burn incense, 2 actions that purify the environment and contribute to create a climate of good energy. This allows that spiritual experiences are lived with greater intensity and depth. Meditate or pray, depending on the preference of who consultation, puts the body, mind and spirit in perfect state of predisposition to the comprehensive understanding of messages that Tarot cards will transmit you. It should not be forgotten that the angels are beings of peace and harmony, and move in planes and spheres of light and peace. From there which is essential, to communicate with them, play an atmosphere of such features, which do not conspire with bad influences from deep spiritual contact that you want to establish fervently.

It should not be forgotten that this type of reading of letters requires an intense concentration on the part of the consultant long lasting experience. Not only to receive the message from los angeles: also to have clarity in understanding its meaning. Whoever has difficulties to maintain concentration for extended periods should think in perform exercises in this respect to be able to so fully capitalize this experience of deep elevation of body mind and spirit. An experience that leaves an unprecedented feeling of fullness at the heart of those who dare to face it with seriousness, commitment and intensity.



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