Consumer Responsibility

The customers need to be guided route to the sustainable development, therefore they will be main the responsible ones for the behavior changes that the retail can try to implant. Mainly, the respect to the consumer must be one of the biggest virtues to be preserved by any establishment. Obscure contracts, inefficient attendance, defective products and politics that go against the principles of the Code of Defense of the Consumer demonstrate the total lack of responsibility stop with its customers. A culture of responsibility with its purchasers and the junction of the visible aspects for society, as the social actions for damages, and those that involve the internal and external customers, can make with that the company, can, at last, be called responsible socially. The enterprise responsibility must be corresponded by the social responsibility of the consumer. The last one consists of the search of information on the impacts of its habits of consumption and of choices worried about the human society, environment and rights.

The consumer also must permanently charge an ethical and responsible position of companies, governments and of other consumers. The government must support those places that they desire to become desenvolvedores of socioambientais projects and this form to a large extent to foment this idea of the retailings. For this, it is essential that subsidies are repassed or same fiscal exemptions to that comes to be deserving. The society needs to know the places that develop these projects to support them even though and, will be the case, to receive the aid in question, therefore the area politics can develop informative propagandas on projects that if even though detach or to create a data base where all have access to the consultation, so that of this form the works for the individuals are recognized that like to know which are the places that really are worried about the future.



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