So life becomes intense it is necessary to propose goals continually, always a step beyond, although we feel that we have accomplished great things, the idea of progress is what gives life a sense of greater improvement. It is mentioned that you must be in a State of full enjoyment when working on your goals because that will give you a happiness inside State and each day may make greater efforts because he is enjoying his role. In the book the secret of the power of the goals of Andrew Corentt us emphasizes on the importance of defining a goal with such precision that we we fully ensure that our desire is in harmony with all our being, if we find we are in a very advantageous position because we will make great efforts due to the internal motivation that we have. You should know that the mind does not want to cede control, always wants to decide it, although we know that there is enormous power in each of us to manifest great things, that power is not activated in our benefit easily, experts say that of all, it is true that you did that programming but the problem is that it was unconsciously. Acceptance, should never be allowed ever, if you do it is fight in a lost war, that is why we see people who cannot leave their situation as they comply with negative situations: I was born poor, because I’ll die poor, my parents were not studied, because I either don’t have capital, I can’t this is serious, you will never experience a change if you are satisfied with the current situation. He accept the negative, what we don’t like is more harmful that may have for the development of his person in any area of your life either in health, education, spirituality, wealth, etc. If you are struggling, looking for, moving, giving the best of themselves to succeed, you’ll no doubt be patient, follow, persevere, shortly the world will be in their hands.



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