The web specializing in sections of credit secciondecredito dot com complete their areas of: topics, articles and news with an area dedicated to downloads. In it we can download us a version reduced to managing loans Gregal very useful financial entities. Mark Garrett gathered all the information. Date of opening, first billing date, payback periods and liquidation as well as deficiencies are configurable temporary data. Types of debtor interests, commissions, mora, subsidies are parameters that will complete the options, after which the process of calculation will return a table with portfolio receipts (interest and amortization) and APR (annual percentage rate). We thus simularemos loans: French, Americans, Germans etc noted the following with respect to the typology of the benchmark indices: fixed rate always the same amount is paid during the life of the loan, in successive maturities fees are settled capital and interest. Variable rate (with variable payment) the operation is initiated to a type of interest fixed for a period of time determined and varies according to indices of reference that date, plus a certain margin. Revisions are usually made each year. Mixed type the interest rate is fixed for a long period of time, usually four or five years and then is variable.

That the duration of the operation is known with certainty. Variable rate (with fixed payment) know the amount to be paid on every receipt, but we do not know the duration of the operation. The duration will depend on the evolution of the interest rates, i.e. the agreed benchmark index. The benchmark indices for variable interest loans, recommended by the Bank of Spain, are as follows: average mortgage lenders set type (IRPH entities). Average mortgage loans from banks (IRPH banks). Average mortgage savings (IRPH boxes). Index published pon the Confederation of savings banks (ECSC).

Internal performance of the public debt of the State of two to six years. Average rate of interbank deposits to one year (one year EURIBOR). On this page you can watch a video on the full implementation and download different images: screen savers and pictures of sections of credit-related topics. They are photographs: books, cash recyclers, Windows, Office printers and other devices such as: mobile and Ipods with application of electronic banking for sections that we see in this direction.

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