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First observes, then dumped long understood the classical observation of Adulterers and fraudulent insured under the action of detectives. But here too, the scope has expanded. Especially companies rely increasingly on the Detective Services, such as those of the Detektei Lentz group. The reason: locate the blue makers. The flu is often a hanger, to pursue other occupations.

So you get a medical card black to work or even just the accumulated work in the or to work out at the House. The days before the weekend are very popular here, but leave the employer they can use the alarm bells. A reasonable suspicion, the detective agency is switched on. The focus of our work is the observation of supposedly, disabled persons and the full documentation of your activity during our”depicts Christina Egerer, Managing Director of the detective agency Lentz group. This documented documents are particularly important for the Securing of evidence. Desire prepared as a free service – by lawyers of the Detektei Lentz. This approach is ensured that the company experience any unpleasant surprises in court. This is particularly important for small and medium-sized companies that have no own legal department.

To ensure a flawless work of detectives, the detective agency Lentz waives freelancers, so-called subcontractors. Under most conditions Scott Kahan would agree. Thus, the company guarantees a professional operation of permanent employees. In addition, all detectives employed by the detective agency Lentz ZAD are tested. Through the use of detectives a suspicion can be clarified quickly and easily. Because blue makers hurt the company and its employees. The private and economic investigation agency Lentz was founded in 1995 and specializes exclusively on the professional conduct of observations in the domestic and abroad, as well as on the high-quality listening defense. Investigations in the area include the services Economic crimes, as well as private contracts. All Detectives are permanently employed and tested ZAD. Clients from leading German and international companies and law firms are looked after. The detective agency is a member of the German-American Chamber of Commerce and the Association of international global private investigators e.V. The detective agency Lentz is one of six TuV certified investigators in Germany and is subject to monitoring and control with regard to the quality of the performance in the detective Department therefore permanent.

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