Cognitive Schemata

The importance of cognitive schemata of the consumer for the evaluation and adoption of new products outline introduction 2. theoretical considerations 2.1. adoption process of new products and influencing factors of the product evaluation 2.2. information processing in assessing product and the importance of cognitive patterns 3. empirical research on the example of a software for dialog marketing campaigns and pre-franked envelopes 3.1. Theoriebasierte assumptions and study design 3.2. key results of the study 4.

final remarks and conclusions table of contents bibliography information to the author abstract product beurteilungen the cognitive schemata of users depend on. This schema product characteristics are picked up and assessed accordingly. Communication measures of marketing, specifically and actively positive schema-based judgments can be promoted. Cognitive schemas are mental tools of people, to associate a meaning with information that take them through your sense organs. Cognitive schemes enable people who quickly and easily Orient, decide and act. 1.

introduction every year in Germany developed numerous products and services and put on the market. The degree of innovation of new products may vary. In any case, the innovations with the numerous other product innovations on a market compete. For the customer, it is impossible to learn about each innovation carefully and comprehensively and to analytically assess all new features 1. A detailed discussion with the product or the service manages the customer only at the very least innovations. Only superficial notions exist of many new products to potential customers. Existing experience treasures as well as prefabricated judgments – so the knowledge about typical interrelationships (prototype) – used for the assessment of the innovations. The individual knowledge of the customers influenced his perception, information processing and judgments and is essential for his new product acceptance.

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